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SPARTIVE is a full-service agency specializing in design and technology for web based applications. We have a passion for design and coding, but our true passion is our clients’ success. It is our mission to elevate and build brands in the rapidly changing and evolving digital marketplace.

We work with individuals, companies and agencies to create a strategy that will meet and exceed our clients’ goals. Over a decade of experience in the digital arena has furnished SPARTIVE with the tools to create the custom solutions that drive our clients’ success. We are constantly pushing our knowledge of current and upcoming technology, usability, and design to connect with audiences in new and exciting ways.


Our core team has an extensive background in both design, coding and user-experience that enables us to build applications that are far-reaching and impactful to audiences of all demographics. As we move forward and adjust to the various ways audiences interact with content, and individuals, SPARTIVE continues to evolve in order to drive our clients’ growth well into the future.

In all of our team members lies a passion for human/computer interaction and the creation of these applications to help spread and fortify stories in the web ecosystem. It is this culmination of gifted individuals that make up the SPARTIVE team and we pull our knowledge and resources together to create something extraordinary.


SPARTIVE is a user-experience (UX) based agency. We work very closely with our clients, creating strategies to help their businesses grow in the digital marketplace. We stay on top of the latest technology and deliver the best solutions to allow our clients achieve and exceed their goals. We provide scalable and cost-effective solutions so our clients can expand and grow in a digital medium without borders.

At SPARTIVE, our main objective is to build your business – clear and simple. We look at your existing branding, online potential and future business goals. We examine what is being utilized and what can be implemented to best serve current and potential customers to execute a plan that will produce the best return on investment.


Companies that have spent money on social media platforms quickly learn the value of this type of marketing and almost invariably spend even more the next year. Having a presence where audiences can interact and connect with brands has become tremendously effective in today’s marketplace. SPARTIVE will help formulate the best tools to manage and connect with your audience. We will work within a managed budget and build your profile on select social media platforms to create the most effective presence for your brand or product.


SPARTIVE creates Adwords campaigns that increase traffic to our client’s websites. Adwords campaigns have several advantages over other types of online marketing that can help you begin to attract business almost immediately.

  • You control your audience. You can use broad keywords to attract more visitors or you can use specific keywords to attract a more targeted market
  • Your ads instantly show up in the search results
  • You control exactly where traffic lands on your site
  • You don’t pay Google unless a potential customer actually clicks through to your site

Once your account is up and running, we will constantly monitor keyword and ad performance. According to this performance analysis, we may add some keywords or remove others. Ads may be edited, replaced, rewritten, or discarded altogether. Spend will constantly be monitored and adjusted to optimize placement for your most valuable keywords. Additionally, mobile search and action on search through keywords will increase exponentially in the coming years.

We Make Things Work

SPARTIVE is focused on merging new technology and design. We work closely with clients to identify their audience and effectively communicate a targeted message in the digital marketplace. It is this relationship that allows us to create a plan and implement a strategy for success.

SPARTIVE works with you to create effective solutions for your business. We provide the tools to empower growth. We adhere to the highest standards in the industry with regards to usability, technology, and design. We create a powerful experience for your audience.

Things We Know

  • Concept
  • HTML 5/CSS 3
  • Motion Graphics
  • Mobile Optimization/Design/Build
  • Application Design
  • Web Development
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Branding
  • Internet Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Management Systems/Ektron
  • E-Business
  • Information Architecture


We add value to your brand by translating identity into innovative concepts and inspired design. Our insight and understanding of our clients’ audience is what sets us apart. We target your chosen demographic with our design and carefully choose the information we provide to engage and entice the customer.

Further customization and modifications throughout the lifespan of a brand or product is a necessity and the power of a digital platform. As a product/brand absorption in the marketplace grows, we are there to create evolving content and information to enhance, promote and build momentum through social, marketing and organic initiatives.


Logo Design and Branding are at the forefront of any marketing campaign. Creating an inviting mark, name, and logo will have the most impact on your audience. It is our job to listen to the marketplace to create something that is timely and evergreen. SPARTIVE specializes in branding and will help your company stand above the rest.

The Mobile Necessity

In its 2012 IPO filing, Facebook admitted that it “did not generate any meaningful revenue” from its mobile products. By 2016, 75% (or $7.39 billion) of its full-year ad revenue will be derived from mobile ads. Currently, mobile devices are responsible for about 30% of all E-Commerce traffic. That number is up about 600% from just 4 years ago. The rate of growth for mobile devices is staggering, and it shows no signs of letting up. (eMarketer)

If the numbers don’t convince you, maybe this will—Google announced in December of 2014 that it would be giving preferential treatment to mobile-friendly websites. Where it may have seemed a luxury just a few years ago, today you can literally be penalized for not having responsive web design. This technology is no longer cutting-edge—it’s become necessity.

Responsive Web

Traditional websites don’t automatically adapt for mobile devices. Mobile devices are often constrained by display size and require a different approach to how content is laid out on screen. Not only does the layout have to fit the device, the needs of the specific audience must be considered, as well. The website has to be built specifically to handle the needs of the mobile user.

It takes more than nuts-and-bolts training to effectively optimize a site for mobile—it takes experience. SPARTIVE has been building responsive websites for years. We help formulate the best options to meet your mobile users’ interests and provide them with the most relevant and important information as quickly as possible. We draw on years of experience to prepare your business for this inevitable shift in the digital marketplace. It’s already happening. Are you ready?

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Suniva is the leading American manufacturer of high-efficiency, cost-competitive photovoltaic solar cells and modules. The company is known worldwide for its high-quality solar products, patented low-cost manufacturing technology, and long-term reliability. SPARTIVE has been with Suniva every step of the way. We built a scalable, adaptive website that has helped enhance its presence in the marketplace and fostered spectacular growth.


SPARTIVE is currently developing an animated short. Returning is a film set place in the near future highlighting human-computer interaction concepts. The film is being developed as a feature piece and will be shown at film festivals and conferences.

Olive Garden

The Olive Garden family of 800+ restaurants is constantly expanding its customer base. Through updates to their branding and utilization of social media platforms, Olive Garden is connecting with a larger audience than ever. SPARTIVE has worked closely with the Olive Garden and their parent company, Darden, for many years. Through web, mobile, email, and social media, we have helped Olive Garden continue its growth in the digital marketplace.

Living Walls

Living Walls, The City Speaks, is an annual conference on street art and urbanism that began in Atlanta in August 2014. SPARTIVE worked directly with Living Walls’ artists and development team to build a flexible and adaptive site that can be easily modified and updated as the conference changes each year.

Eco Serendib

Eco Serendib Villa and Spa, a Caribbean Travel + Life "Top 30 Villa" that’s been recommended by both Travel + Leisure and Robb Report, sets new standards for eco-friendly luxury. SPARTIVE worked closely with Eco Serendib, creating a vibrant and responsive website that highlights the beautiful island resort and the extensive efforts to make it the gold standard for living in harmony with nature.


Atlantic Engineering Group has provided municipalities, government agencies, cooperatives, electric utilities, and facilities-based competitive local exchange carriers (CLEC) with innovative construction services to aid in the successful construction of their fiber networks.